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Castle Fine Art Exhibition: Romero Britto Part II

It’s been a whole two years since we opened our doors at Arcane. Our thirst for creating new cocktails and exploring new methods to create those drinks has never wavered.

Throughout those years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Castle Fine Art Gallery who’ve tasked us with tailor making cocktails to honour their fabulous exhibitions. Having an artists body of work as inspiration for creating drinks has been incredibly rewarding and more importantly, a lot of fun.

Our challenge this time around was for a remarkable artist who is Brazilian born and Miami made. Romero Britto is an internationally renowned, iconic pop artist that uses vibrant colour, playful themes and hard edged compositions to capture the attention of both youthful spirits and educated art collectors.

His work exudes playful positivity, and with his Brazilian heritage, we had just the drink to reflect that. It’s no secret that Caipirinhas are arguably one of the greatest summer drinks known to mankind. The magic at the heart of this drink is Cachaca which is a spirt distilled from sugar cane and is as raw a spirit you will ever encounter. Combine this with limes and brown sugar and magic happens, tart to begin with and sweet on the finish. With all of this in mind, our aim was to turn this classic on it’s head, and give it the splash of colour It truly deserves.

With the support of artisan Cachaca makers, Capucana (made using 9 different strains of sugar cane which brilliantly correlates with the artist being one of 9 children in his family) our aim was to make a crystal clear Caipirinha by clarifying lime juice with sugar syrup and then giving the guests at the exhibition the chance to choose which colour they would like their drink. The actual process of clarifying the lime juice was an arduous one (using curdled milk), but a rewarding one nevertheless. This has certainly opened up infinite possibilities for future cocktail development.

The drinks on the evening were very well received. To have the opportunity to introduce Cachaca and Caipirinhas to people was rewarding enough in it’s own right, but seeing a room full of different coloured drinks was a sight to behold. Greg who was representing Capucana gifted Romero the artist a bottle to take home with him. Unfortunately, he was flying to South Korea the following morning so his gift was gifted to the staff at Castle Fine Art for their hard work and dedication. A true reflection of the artists vibrant colourful soul.

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