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Netherlands / 4.1% abv
£2.50 – £4.95

Now owned by Heineken Amstel is their session beer designed to be a session beer. It’s very light, really easy drinking and refreshingly crisp. 

Beavertown Gamma Ray APA

5.4% abv
£3.40 – £6.80

A really big punchy tropical pale ale, aromas of mango and grapefruit backed up by lashings of American Hops before being dry hopped as well. Really juicy, really flavourful, really nice. Basically. 

Beavertown Neck Oil IPA

4.3% abv
£3.35 – £6.70

Beavertown say this is their “any day, any time, easy drinking go to IPA” I think that says everything really.


4.1% abv
£2.90 – £5.80

What is there to say? It’s Guiness. It’s delicious. It’s dark. It’s delicious.


Netherlands / 5.0% abv
£2.80 – £5.65

A ceaseless commitment to purity and quality have made Heineken the most iconic beer brand in the world. That’s what Heineken say. I say that it’s a great session lager, if you’ve had a long day and just need a crisp one, or if you’re settling in for an evening with the mates you can’t put a foot wrong with a pint of Heineken.

Lervig House Party IPA

Norway / 4% abv
£3.25 – £6.50

A light golden and clear IPA with a malty nose which has hints of pineapple and mango. Really crisp and clean with low bitterness, no wonder its one of the directors favourite beers. 

Manchester Union Lager

Manchester / 4.8% abv
£3.00 – £6.00

Manchester changed the course of the world by the sheer force of the union of its people through wisdom and effort. Manchester Union Brewery reflects this through the knowledge and industry adopted in everything we do and everything we strive to be.Our unique brewing method creates a bold silky mouthfeel with a touch of caramel sweetness followed swiftly with a hugely refreshing, dry and bitter finish from the central European hops.100% Manc and proud.


Portugal / 5% abv
£3.05 – £6.10

It took a bloody long time to actually get this delicious little lager added to our roster, but finally we have it! Technically Sagres Export this is exactly the same as the liqud they drink in Portugal and it does everything you’d expect a Portuguese lager to do. Very crisp, nicely carbonated, a bit of a malty back bone but incredibly refreshing.

Lindemans Kriek

Belgium / 3.8% abv
£3.250 – £6.50

This Lindemans Kriek is a fruit beer for the simple reason that a great deal of fruit was added during the brewing process before it was put for ageing in oak casks. This maturation allows the fruit to brew, therefore granting the beer with a second fermentation.

This beer pours a highly sparkling clear red colour topped by a pink head. It releases very sweet aromas dominated by cherries scents. In the mouth, cherry flavours are predominant but one can also sense wooden hints and slightly acidic notes. This beer is highly enjoyed by the ladies because of its lightness and its very fruity aroma.

Garage Coffee Locker

4.5% abv / 44cl

Is it a bit pricey? yes. Is it delicious? double yes. A great stout with beautiful coffee flavours. If you have too then split it between two people but its well worth the price, you’ll also be annoyed when your half has finished and want another. It’s also a large can, hence the sharing comment.

Magic Rock Salty Kiss

4.1% abv / 33cl

I don’t really know what Magic Rock were thinking when they called this “Salty Kiss” you would have thought they would have an army of marketing people behind them arguing against the slightly innuendo ridden name, That being said the beer’s great. It’s a Gose so it’s sour and there is a slight hint of salt, but that only makes it easier to drink. If you have never tried a sour beer or a lambic it’s a brilliant introduction to the style.

Magic Rock Saucery IPA

3.9% / 33cl

This is what magic rock say: “A supernatural session IPA made for drinking all day long. Lightly sweet and malty Golden Promise malt, a balanced bitterness and layers of tropical fruit filled Citra and Ekuanot hops in whirlpool and dry hop. Fermented with London Ale II yeast to add more fruity body, and enhance malt and hop profile” Now i have no idea what any of that means, but the beer drinks really well.


4.6% abv /33cl

Moretti always sort of struggle as they’re not Peroni. The industry secret is that Moretti actually tastes a lot better than Peroni. If you like Italian beers Moretti is the go too choice.

Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropica

5.5% abv / 33cl

I love the fact this beer used to be called Clwb Tropicana and the only reason they changed it (in my opinion) is that some killjoy lawyer for Wham kicked off about intellectual property rights. Another tropical IPA, basically take the Tiny Rebel Shakedown and add more pineapple and grapefruit.

Tiny Rebel Key Lime Lager

4.3% abv / 33cl

Tiny Rebel have a rule “never just make vanilla ice cream”, I guess that’s why they walked the road less travelled by adding lime to lager…. In seriousness though it’s a bit more involved with that, a really great refreshing lager with the addition of fresh lime, a hint of biscuit and a touch of vanilla. Bloody lovely and much less effort than trying to squeeze that lime wedge into a bottle of *REDACTED*

Tiny Rebel Shakedown

4.5% abv / 33cl

I was planning to write something quite beer drinker pretentious. I can’t. It’s an IPA with a great hint of mango that isn’t overpowering. Actually my favourite beer we sell….. I didn’t say that, I’ll get told off. You can’t prove anything….

Tiny Rebel Stay Puft

5.2% abv / 33cl

It has the Staypuft Man from Ghostbusters 2 on the tin. That should be enough. If not its a marshmallow porter. And delicious.

Aspall’s Premier Cru

6.8%abv / 50cl

The first cyder produced by Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild when they joined the business – seven years in creation – and still their favourite drink. Premier Cru is a sophisticated, sparkling cyder with a light floral aroma and a long, dry finish. Crafted at the original Cyder House, Suffolk.

Old Mout Berries & Cherries

4% abv / 50cl

Read the description for Old Mout Strawberry and Pomegranate, the only joke i have left to make is a Willy Wonka reference and it’s been a long day.

Old Mout Strawberry & Pomegranate

4% abv / 50cl

When it comes to fruity cider a lot of brands feel the need to try and induce a diabetic coma with how sweet they are. Old Mout actually still tastes like cider, don’t get me wrong it’s still sweet but they didn’t take any advice from Mary Poppins. (a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down….. no? i mean i know i’m old but everyone knows Mary Poppins…)