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Netherlands / 4.1% abv
£2.50 – £4.95

Now owned by Heineken Amstel is their session beer designed to be a session beer. It’s very light, really easy drinking and refreshingly crisp. 

Beavertown Neck Oil IPA

London / 4.3% abv
£3.35 – £6.70

Beavertown say this is their “any day, any time, easy drinking go to IPA” I think that says everything really.


Ireland / 4.1% abv
£2.90 – £5.80

What is there to say? It’s Guiness. It’s delicious. It’s dark. It’s delicious.


Netherlands / 5.0% abv
£2.80 – £5.65

A ceaseless commitment to purity and quality have made Heineken the most iconic beer brand in the world. That’s what Heineken say. I say that it’s a great session lager, if you’ve had a long day and just need a crisp one, or if you’re settling in for an evening with the mates you can’t put a foot wrong with a pint of Heineken.

Manchester Union Lager

Manchester / 4.8% abv
£2.85 – £5.65

Manchester changed the course of the world by the sheer force of the union of its people through wisdom and effort. Manchester Union Brewery reflects this through the knowledge and industry adopted in everything we do and everything we strive to be.Our unique brewing method creates a bold silky mouthfeel with a touch of caramel sweetness followed swiftly with a hugely refreshing, dry and bitter finish from the central European hops.100% Manc and proud.


Portugal / 5% abv
£3.15 – £6.30

It took a bloody long time to actually get this delicious little lager added to our roster, but finally we have it! Technically Sagres Export this is exactly the same as the liqud they drink in Portugal and it does everything you’d expect a Portuguese lager to do. Very crisp, nicely carbonated, a bit of a malty back bone but incredibly refreshing.

Lindemans Kriek

Belgium / 3.8% abv
£3.25 – £6.50

This Lindemans Kriek is a fruit beer for the simple reason that a great deal of fruit was added during the brewing process before it was put for ageing in oak casks. This maturation allows the fruit to brew, therefore granting the beer with a second fermentation.

This beer pours a highly sparkling clear red colour topped by a pink head. It releases very sweet aromas dominated by cherries scents. In the mouth, cherry flavours are predominant but one can also sense wooden hints and slightly acidic notes. This beer is highly enjoyed by the ladies because of its lightness and its very fruity aroma.

Pilot Peach Melba Sour

Edinburgh / 4.3% abv
£3.25 – £6.50

A refreshingly approachable sour inspired by the classic Peach Melba dessert. Fresh peach and raspberry, with vanilla and lactose bringing delicious, ice-creamy sweetness.

Runaway IPA

Manchester / 5.5% abv
£3.25 – £6.50

A take on a classic west coast IPA, balancing the tropical fruit aroma and assertive bitterness from resinous US hops, with burnt toffee and sweet caramels from quality British malts.

Runaway Farmhouse Pale

3.9% abv / 330ml

Light, hazy, dry and fruity, our rustic style wheat ale is brewed with Saaz & spelt. The beer is co-fermented with a combination of Beaujolais and saison yeasts for added complexity. The result is light, easy drinking beer with tonnes of character.

Runaway ESB (Extra Special Bitter)

5.8% abv / 330ml

British classic, jazzed up with specialty Belgian malts. Toffee and dark caramels are balanced beautifully with the aroma and flavours of rich dried fruits

Runaway Rise Like Lions

6.5% / 330ml

A chocolate, chilli and vanilla porter brewed with Madagascan vanilla, chipotle chillies and cocoa nibs. A dark, rich, luxurious, but beautifully balanced, flavoursome dark beer.

Runaway Winter Saison

6.3% abv /330ml

Classic Belgian style saison, with a seasonal UK twist. Dry and fruity, yeast and malt led, with a hint of citrus, and hedgerow fruits from the classic British hops.

Birra Moretti

4.6% abv / 330ml

A special blend of quality hops creates a well-balanced lager with some hoppy and fruity notes, finished with moderate bitterness and a clean aftertaste.

Lervig No Worries (Low-Alc)

0.5% abv / 330ml

Need a worry free alcohol free beer? A lightly hopped and pleasantly refreshing pale ale, fermented with a brewers yeast which cant ferment Maltose. Tasting like a low abv beer due to this process you can enjoy the beer without the effect.

Aspall’s Draught Cyder 

5.5%abv / 50cl

The first cyder produced by Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild when they joined the business – seven years in creation – and still their favourite drink. Premier Cru is a sophisticated, sparkling cyder with a light floral aroma and a long, dry finish. Crafted at the original Cyder House, Suffolk.

Old Mout Berries & Cherries

4% abv / 50cl

Read the description for Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry, the only joke i have left to make is a Willy Wonka reference and it’s been a long day.

Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry

4% abv / 50cl

Read the description for Old Mout Berries & Cherries, it’s been just as long a day and I still only have a Willy Wonka reference to make.