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Arcane & Bulleit Bourbon Present: “An Old Fashioned Odyssey of whiskies”

To tell the tale of whiskey is to tell the history of many a great country; such is the importance of this spirit. The myths and legends around the beginnings of whiskey, whisky, aqua vitae, are numerous and whimsical as are those surrounding the great cocktail they fortify- The Old Fashioned.  So settle in, no passport and suitcase required, we’ll be travelling far and wide sampling four countries expressions of this classic cocktail. 

Each guest will receive 4 old fashioned cocktails created by Arcane and will be made with each of the following:

• Roe & Co Irish Whisky 

• Copper Dog Scottish Whisky 

• Bulleit Bourbon 10 year old American Whiskey 

• Bulleit Bourbon Small Batch Rye American Whiskey 

Each cocktail will also be expertly paired with accompanying canapés. 

We will also be talking about the significance of the ice in your cocktail and why it’s just as important as the cocktail itself. We will then beckon you into the world of block ice carving so you can experience the difference in your Old Fashioned. 

If you have a festival wristband and would like to book your place on the event, please email: or call the bar on 0161 834 6452.

The event will take place at Arcane bar on Wednesday 6th September and will run between 8pm and 10pm. 

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.