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The original crisp, light and refreshing cocktail. White rum, freshly squeezed lime and sugar. Balanced to perfection, we blind tested over 10 different white rums to find the one we use in this. It was top three for the 6 of us that tasted. You can’t really go wrong with this industry favourite. We prefer the 4-2-1 balance in ours, and that’s how we serve it. Served straight up, or split into two tumblers for a Snackuiri to be had as a shot. Just let us know which way you like it, and it will be done.

Hemingway Special


Created by Constantino Ribalaigua Vert, the head bartender at La Floridita in Havana. The story goes that Ernest Hemingway went in to use the toilet, ended up drinking frozen Daiquiris and then he said; “That’s good but I prefer it without sugar and with double rum.” Nobody seems to know exactly what Hemingway drank, he was a proper drinker and he drank many different cocktails. This is a compromise, slightly sweeter than what the great writer would have enjoyed. White Cuban rum, Maraschino, freshly squeezed Grapefruit and lime, and with a cherry on top. Served straight up in a coupe.

Stuck In Orbit


Our very own recipe, sweet and fruity, yet balanced so you can have a few. Basil infused El Dorado 3 rum, raspberries, lime, bitters and sugar makes this a super refreshing daiquiri. Served straight up with a sugar and pink peppercorn rim.

The Bennie Connection Daiquiri


This is the one which will cure all your ills. The Public Spirit Rum, Benedictine, Mandarin liqueur, lemon, lime and our in house made ginger syrup. Will it make you smarter or not? We don’t know, but if you were to take a sip from the tree of life, this is how we reckon it would taste like. Perfectly balanced, with a hint of honey and a pleasant ginger addition. Thor made this, pillaging the ingredients from Normandie, England and the Caribbean.

Old Cuban


A healthy helping of Havana Club rum, Lime, in house made mint syrup topped with prosecco. What could go wrong? A very fresh daiquiri this.

Lemon Sherbet Daiquiri 


If you like your daiquiri slightly on the sweeter side, this is the one. El Dorado 3, Triple sec, lemon and sugar. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy served in a lemon sherbet rimmed coupe.

Pussers Revenge


Pussers Gunpowder proof rum, lime and pineapple, our very own cucumber and black pepper syrup. This is delicious.

Thermo-Nuclear Daiquiri 


Navy strength coconut washed rum from Smith & Cross, Green Chartreuse, lime and our in house pineapple cordial makes this daiquiri a force to be reckoned with. Not for the faint hearted, booze heavy just like we like it.