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Chartreuse Cocktails

Pina Verde


Ever wanted a Pina Colada that just has more punch. Enter Eric Castro’s Absurd creation. Take the rum, throw it to the curb, and add a 55% French liqueur. Pineapple, coconut, and over 400 years of French distilling history. What’s not to love.

Yellow Parrot


A little bit of an antiquity of a drink. Just equal parts Yellow Chartreuse (hence the name) Absinthe, and apricot liqueur. It’s rich, and sweet, and creamy. It’s also got a load of absinth in, so it kicks like a mule. Or perhaps bites like a parrot…

Final Ward


You like a last word (we make those too btw), then try a Final Ward. Just swap gin for bourbon, and lime for lemon. What you’ve ended up with is a richer, more vanilla, and caramel forward drink from Phil Ward of Death and Co, NY. It’s also one of the GM’s favourite, so yeah.

Naked and Famous


What’s this? Another Last Word variation? Also coming out of NYC’s Death and Co? Must be something in the water. Apart from whatever’s normally in the water of New York. Described as a Oaxacan love child of a Last Word, and a Paper Plane, it is Mezcal, Aperol, and Yellow Chartreuse. And possible even better than the Final Ward. I am biased perhaps, because I love The Naked and Famous.

Green and Soda


What more do you want from me?? It’s 35ml of Green Chartreuse and Soda. It’s delicious. Drink it.

Yellow and Tonic


A little different as a ‘perfect serve’. Yellow Chartreuse, paired with an elderflower tonic. The mild floral bitterness is just so good with the honeyed herbs of the Yellow. So much better than a G’n’T.

Black and Yellow


This is absolutely the only hot drink we serve in Arcane. The ultra simple, yet oddly delicious combination of Espresso (black) and Yellow Chartreuse (yellow). The best way to get coffee in your system since Ethiopian goats ate a funny looking cherry.