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Arcane offers a selection of wines from Charles Heidsieck. If you’ve never heard of or tried these wonderful wines, maybe it’s time you did! If you’ve heard of them but not tried them, then shame on you!!

Charles Heidsieck is one of the most admired Champagne houses thanks to the unrivalled and consistently high quality of its wines. Their current range, three of which are listed below, is one of the most awarded collections of wine in the world. The intricacies of the champagnes’ complex make-up have been perfected over the years by one of the most celebrated winemaking teams in Champagne – between three winemakers they have been awarded ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year’ at the International Wine Challenge fifteen times. This winemaking legacy, paired with the house’s flamboyant history since its foundation in 1851 by the man who would become known as ‘Champagne Charlie’, makes it a unique offering from Champagne: a house with great, hand-crafted wines, heritage and proven quality.

Champagne by the bottle

Charles Heidsieck NV Brut Reserve

Radiant pale gold in colour with fine persistent bubbles. Complex brioche aromas and an opulent combination of apricot, mango, dried fruit, pistachio and almonds. A silky-smooth sensation on the palate develops with more apricot, melon & delicate spice. Perfectly balanced. Perfectly fresh. If Champagne is life, then you need this!
(Champagne, FRA)

Charles Heidsieck NV Rose Reserve

Almost coral-like in colour with subtle orange reflections reminiscent of roses, this has a deliciously fresh and complex character. Intense strawberry and peach aromas alongside rich, warm notes of gingerbread & cinnamon lead you onto a lively & vivacious palate full of ripe fruits and a rich, smooth finish. Wonderful decadent and smooth.
(Champagne, FRA)

Charles Heidsieck Blanc Des Millénaires 2004

Opening with pure elegance on the nose we find lemon, apple blossoms, salted butter & almonds with a toasted buttery nuance of crème Anglaise. With a palate chock full of fresh citrus flavours, this wine gives a taught crispness and a youthful elegant mousse. Delicious toasty nuttiness and a rich creaminess complete the finish leaving us stunned at its utter magnificence. Simply unrivalled in its class.
(Champagne, FRA)